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Fast Times at DCI

by Mat on 1 May, 2016 No comments

I had the distinct privilege of working with all of these guys for 5 years, and several before as a volunteer. What they don’t mention are all the Emmys and “real jobs” these guys have. Oprah, NFL, NASCAR, the Olympics… absolutely top-notch. I had the pleasure of getting their production online, and we were able to share this broadcast worldwide. It was some of the most difficult work I’ve done, but definitely an amazing, rewarding experience.

There are countless others on the list of professionals that make this broadcast and recording awesome, and I’ve had the benefit of meeting so many of them. However, for the gentlemen in this video, it’s about time that they had the camera on them. They are all technically incredible, but it is their combination that makes magic. Many of them were also performers many moons ago, as was I, and when you know what it takes to do that, it’s no wonder this crew puts so much into their craft.

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