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Computer Hardware

Apple Macbook 2015 15″

My main laptop is a 2015. I bought this in 2017, new, because what they offered in 2016 was neither convenient or better; just more expensive.

Apple Mac Mini 2012

So why would I buy a computer that’s nearly 5 years old? Because it does what most computers fail at; longevity. The last one died permanently on a lightning strike. It ran 9 years. I actually anticipate getting several years out of this box with upgradeable ram and hard drive along with USB3. It’s the only one Apple ever released with that combination. Not only is it the web server, it’s also in-house media server.

iPhone 6S+

Simply, this is the best device I have ever owned.

Airport Extreme

A solid router that works very well, and is worth paying for. Cheap wireless routers aren’t a bargain.



If you’re reading this, it means you’ve connected directly to a machine on my desk. Actually, it’s a virtual Linux Ubuntu machine running on a Mac Mini. You bounced through my home router sending to that VM, using LAMP. Pretty cool stuff! Maybe I’ll explain it more later.


The de facto sharing service. If you want some free space, just sign up. I use this for files I don’t mind being public; my server is uploaded and backed up through Dropbox. My personal information is not on Dropbox.


Because despite all the downside, it’s still the best service available.




Essentially a utility that should be standard fare, this application cleans up for you. This isn’t like cleaning on the system level; rather it’s intended to do things like “empty trash every 12 hours” or “delete files from download folder after 4 days” or “move all screenshots from desktop to screenshots after 10 minutes.” Like Bartender, this should actually be bought by Apple and just simply added to OS X as part of the System Preferences. The rules along with the multi-user uninstall cleanup make this an absolute essential.


The Mac version of Tweetbot is a great app, and a much better experience than is.


This application keeps all of those icons in your upper-right-corner bar from littering up the place. While it’s not absolutely essential, I like this enough to say that this is how OS X should handle it, and that Apple should buy and integrate this software immediately.

iPhone/iPad Apps


Tweetbot is the Twitter app that Twitter should have made. If you tweet at all, you owe yourself this app. It actually makes Twitter a better experience. I wouldn’t tweet much without it.



You should be using 1password for your computer. This extends your password availability for when you aren’t on your own machine, when you’re using password protected mobile sites, and will also keep your important vitals like credit card information and other id numbers. It’s also a backup by being another way to lock up your things.



Apple Macbook Pro 17″

This is my main workhorse still. One of these days I’ll get around to replacing it, but no other computer has been so solid and so helpful. I’m looking forward to a retina monitor and better battery, however there’s not much wrong with this Early 2009 desktop-grade machine. It’ll probably become my local media host when I upgrade.

NuGuard KX iPhone Case

I’m not one to use a case to cover my screen, and this one offers great protection with an open face side. Great case for my iPhone 5.

iPhone 5

iPad 3


I really didn’t care for all those .ds_store files. Asepsis just does one thing; it keeps them from happening. If you normally view hidden files, but you don’t care for those files adding up, this is for you. I use dropbox to sync files on servers, and this keeps those .ds_store files off the server.


RadarScope is the best radar app by a long shot. It is not a “weather” app. No temps, no “friendly” explanations. Instead, this app gives you raw radar feeds usually no more than 2 minutes old. It also gives different layers and readings of radar, not just the “composite” you see on weather apps. After a little usage, you can start to predict the minute that rain will show up or get heavier or stop. Sometimes, that’s rather important.

Apple Mac Mini 2005 – retired

I’ll give this an honorary mention because for nine years, my first Mac chugged along without complaint. It took a lightning strike to finally get the machine to go into recycle, but what an absolute workhorse. I’d highly recommend any Mac Mini for the specific jobs they do.


I’ve given up on Evernote. Of course, that’s because I was using the free account personally. Even so, for when we were using a paid account, it was bloated and constantly adding unnecessary areas. Evernote Food? Really? Done. Working with Quiver now.