Golf Club Build Data

A compilation of statistics and information related to my addictive hobby.

Golf Club Specifications

Club Casual NameClub ModelClub ShaftShaft DetailCurrent LoftSwing WeightLengthStatic Mass (grams)GripGrip DetailsStock LoftStock LieStock Swing WeightStock Length OEM
DriverTitleist 913 D3Whiteboard72 XS9.25D445"Golf Pride CP2 Midsized
🔺Driving IronPing Rapture DIUST Recoil Prototype95 F518ºD640"386gGolf Pride CP2 MidsizedLabel down, two wraps18º58.5ºD139.75"
🔸🔺3-ironPing i25UST Recoil Prototype110 F520ºD4.739"394gGolf Pride CP2 Midsized21º59.25ºD038.75"
🔹4-ironPing i25UST Recoil Prototype110 F524ºD438.5"Ping 5L Gold Reminder24º60ºD038.25"
🔹5-ironPing i25UST Recoil Prototype110 F527ºD538.25"Ping 5L Gold Reminder27º60.75ºD037.75"
🔹6-ironPing S55UST Recoil Prototype110 F530ºD638"Ping 5L Gold Reminder30º61.5ºD037.25"
🔹7-ironPing S55UST Recoil Prototype110 F533ºD737.75"Ping 5L Gold Reminder33º62.25ºD036.75"
🔹8-ironPing S55UST Recoil Prototype110 F537ºD837.5"Ping 5L Gold Reminder37º63ºD036.25"
🔹9-ironPing S55UST Recoil Prototype110 F541ºD937.25Ping 5L Gold Reminder41º63.75ºD035.75"
🔹Pitching WedgePing S55UST Recoil Prototype110 F546ºD9.537"Ping 5L Gold Reminder46º64ºD035.5"
🔸Utility WedgePing i25UST Recoil Prototype110 F548ºD9.537"459gGolf Pride CP2 MidsizedLabel down50º64ºD235.5"
Sand WedgeMiura WedgeUST Recoil Prototype110 F553º
Lob WedgePing Tour-SUST Recoil Prototype110 F557º
PutterPing Redwood D66Ping standardn/a36.25"530gSuperStroke Slim 2.069ªn/a35"
This is a table to specify exact equipment weights and settings. Note that Ping measures to a 1/4" less as a standard practice. Therefore, a club measured by OEM at 39.75" would be equal to a normal 40". Current length reflects normal measurement.

Side note: It turns out that my loft specs were exactly the same Titleist chose for their 2016 AP1s...

🔺I choose based on conditions to meet 14-club rule.

Rangefinder – Leupold GX-3i Laser.


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