NZ Laws I'd Change

If I could wave a wand, and make changes, these are what I think would be right.

Public Doors must remain open during business hours

Any public building that is open must unlock all main doors. If there is maintenance being done on a door, it must be clearly marked. Having, for example, double doors where one side is locked is dangerous, and is an unnecessary safety issue.

Well water export banned

Simply, if water is pulled out of the ground, it cannot be exported. If this isn't legal, an export tax of 5ยข per litre would be sufficient.

No GST on unpackaged foods

Any foods that are sold without packaging should be untaxed at its final point of sale. Stickers that give originating nation or PLU are acceptable. For example, potatoes sold loose, no tax. Potatoes sold in a box, taxed. Bulk walnuts sold using customer-provided container, untaxed. Walnuts from bulk put into a plastic bag, taxed.

This would serve to act as tax relief for those who need it the most, reduce packaging, and promote better food choices.