Get the Plugin

Markdown Preview Enhanced

This plug-in is available for either Atom or VSCode

In either editor, you'll need to go to the plugin manager for the application. In the installation area, search for:

Markdown Preview Enhanced

It's also available at the following sites:

Atom installation documentation

VSCode installation documentation

Once you install this plugin, go to the Settings for the plugin, and add a check for "Enable Script Execution". If you're not comfortable with that for some reason, you can keep the scripts from the prior page separate. They pose no danger on their own, but if you work in a shared environment, or a highly secured environment, this might be something to check with your Administrator.

Once installed, this will allow you to preview markdown nicely, export it, and run the combining script all within your editor.

If you're using Windows, you may not be able to execute .bat code because of a restriction in node.js apps that prevents code running in the Windows terminal. You can always just make a .bat and double-click it to get the same result.

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